Long term weight loss begins with retraining your metabolism. When factors influencing metabolism are addressed, healthy weight loss can be achieved.

One of the key factors is enabling the body to use its own fat stores as its primary fuel. Mobilization of fat, specifically the kind that ruins your appearance and holds loads of toxins is essential in order to see change in your body composition.

A healthy nutrition and exercise strategy along with administration of a key hormone for weight loss and a focus on whole body health will help you succeed in meeting your weight loss goals.

Contrary to many diets, you will maintain muscle mass, eat real food and combined with the appropriate diet strategy will shed pounds of toxic fat. When your body uses its own fat for energy, you may experience fewer cravings and be able to sustain a low calorie diet while your body’s metabolism is being reset.

A prescription diet program may be a great option for those needing to lose 25 pounds of fat or more. It has been shown in our clinic to be very helpful in giving people a jumpstart on their weight loss goals.

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