Integrative Medical Model to Enhance Your Health

Our clinic’s approach to healthcare is based on an overall model called Integrative Medicine.  We say that our model is Integrative because we utilize the best therapies from mulitple medical traditions, along with looking at the body as an integrated whole.

This is a holistic and comprehensive orientation that differs in important ways from most conventional medical treatment. Its purpose is not only to relieve symptoms, but also to optimize health, enhance vitality and prevent future illness by addressing the underlying causes of health problems.

Your Body, an Integrative Whole

An integrative approach recognizes that the body is a whole interactive system. Symptoms generally do not arise in isolation, but rather result from several different factors interacting with one another simultaneously. To determine the contributing causes of illness, an integrative medical approach involves a thorough assessment of many areas of physiology and function. These include such things as nutrition, digestion, detoxification, immunity, hormonal balance, stress adaptation, structural alignment and many other factors.

An integrative approach also acknowledges the functional uniqueness of each individual. People vary significantly in their biochemical and metabolic makeup, based on such things as genetic predisposition, personal history, specific nutrient requirements, and current stresses. Defining these varied aspects of individual function is another essential part of a comprehensive assessment process.

As we work together, we will determine the contributing factors in your health, and formulate an integrative treatment approach that will draw on a variety of modalities and techniques. To do this, we coordinate patient care with practitioners having different expertise and understanding. In our clinic, we offer multiple healing modalities, and we also make referrals to other practitioners for a range of specialized procedures.

Therapy Tailored To Each Individual Patient

Our clinical approach focuses primarily on the use of natural remedies and interventions to restore healthy balance and to support the body’s inherent self-healing capacities. This emphasizes such things as the use of appropriate nutrition, supplementation with specific nutrients and cofactors, the use of botanical and homeopathic remedies, and targeted organ system support to promote healthy function.

We also use a variety of methods to address the important interactions between mind and body. This recognizes that on the one hand, thoughts and emotions can influence physical health by affecting such things as hormone balance, immune function and cardiovascular regulation, while on the other hand, physical factors like nutritional status and metabolic balance can influence moods, alertness and concentration.

In our practice, we give particular attention to the development of healthy personal lifestyle practices, such as diet, exercise, rest, stress management and avoidance of toxins. We know that adopting and maintaining healthy behaviors is indispensable, and that developing new habits requires both motivation and support. For this reason, education and structured follow-up are key aspects of our integrative medical practice.

A primary goal of our clinic is to help you be an effective manager of your own health. We place special emphasis on providing basic information about relevant physiology, clear explanations of assessment results, and thorough discussion of recommendations and options. For each patient, we design an individually tailored health improvement plan, with a sequence of action steps and ongoing monitoring to track progress and determine future needs. In addition, we provide encouragement and reinforcement to assist you in having the confidence, commitment and self-responsibility that are so crucial to achieving and maintaining health.

The comprehensive health strategy of our clinic involves a dynamic partnership with our patients, combining evaluation and treatment planning with education and personal support. This approach of health coaching is designed to assist patients both to resolve current health problems and to create optimal health.

We are pleased to offer you this kind of innovative and effective service, which we find is best suited to meet the overall needs of patients like yourself who seek long-lasting improvements in their overall health.

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