What are some of the insurance policies?

Many companies offer an out-of network and an in-network plan. In other words, if the provider that you want to see is not contracted with the insurance company, they will pay up to 70%. Whereas, if the provider you selected is contracted, then they will pay up to 95%.

There are deductibles on most plans as well. These deductibles can range from $200-$500 per person, per calendar year. Deductibles are renewed each year and you will not have access to your insurance benefits until they are met. After you have paid your deductible, then your insurance will cover their percentage.

Many insurance plans are no longer covering at 100%. You will find that you may receive a monthly statement from your physician for the balance of the service charge that was not covered. Your patient responsibility will range from 30%-40% depending on your plan.

Another thing to remember, is that referrals may be necessary. In other words, before you go to a specialist, you may need prior authorization from your insurance company first. If this is required, but not obtained, you are subject to paying the entire fee for your visits with the specialist. Pharmacy items, and some lab testing are not covered by insurance companies.


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