Dr. Rhea Abbott, ND

Everyone who comes to natural medicine came down a different path.

Mine started in my grandmother’s farmhouse in New Hampshire, where she would slice up stalks of aloe for our sunburns and put garlic oil in our ears for ear infections. She had cabinets full of little dropper bottles that I realized only 20 years later were herbal tinctures. After completing prep for med school, I hesitated applying to the University of Washington, feeling that something was missing. A fateful hour-long conversation with reps from Bastyr University clicked the tumblers into place — this was the empowering patient-centered philosophy of medicine I’d been looking for.

My favorite part about this medicine is my role as a teacher.

Docere (Latin for “teacher”) is where the word “doctor” comes from and is one of the fundamental principles of my naturopathic training. I love being part of a patient’s “ah-ha!” moment when they learn something about their bodies, or realize a connection between their environment and the way they feel. By teaching, I can help put parts of your health back in your own hands. You can count on me to explain your treatment plan thoroughly — not just what my recommendations are, but why I’m making them, when you can expect results, and what we’ll do next if more needs to be done.

There is a broad spectrum of training for naturopathic medicine.

I am very proud to have graduated in 2013 from Bastyr University, which is known around the country as the top school for such training. Bastyr makes evidence-based research a high priority and has been a leader in conducting studies of alternative approaches to health. The Naturopathic Doctorate (ND) degree is awarded after 4 years of medical school (though I took 5 years to finish due to the birth of my son) and ~1,000 hours of clinical experience. If you’re interested in learning about what specific courses are part of this doctorate degree, click here for a PDF of course requirements. Such comprehensive education has prepared me well to take on primary care with thoughtfulness and integration.

Though trained as a general practitioner, I have additional experience…

…in pregnancy care, sleep management, and hydrotherapy. As a mother, I’m also very comfortable with pediatrics and am happy to give guidance that blends medical knowledge with parental experience!

My ideal patient…

…is motivated to understand how things affect their body, and is looking to optimize their well-being. They believe they are responsible for their own health and are seeking a doctor who can be a guide. They are respectful of the boundaries of our time together. They are ready to make changes and are willing to commit to the treatment plan we develop together, but are honest about what obstacles may make it challenging to follow through. And most importantly, they know how to share a good laugh!

Health is more than something to achieve, it is dynamic and on-going.

Consider your health throughout your lifetime as a journey: where are you and where do you want to go? Rather than hand you directions to a particular destination, I’m going to join you on the path and we’re going on a hike. We may have to back track or bushwhack, but we’ll stop and rest and see amazing views and tell stories and the good things will be something we accomplished together.

I am currently accepting new patients at Lakeview Family Wellness! Remember, new patients can always spend 15 minutes with me for no charge to make sure we are a good fit for your health needs! Schedule now, call 425-219-4325

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