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We are a naturopathic medical clinic located at the very northern tip of Lake Washington between Seattle and Bothell.  At Lake View Family Wellness, we specialize in integrative medicine for the whole person.  We emphasize people and not diseases while offering practical, real solutions to conditions and concerns such as: Diet, fitness, preventive care, women’s health, men’s health, cancer, chronic pain, common colds, autoimmune disease, and genetics.

Naturopathic medicine provides alternative, natural solutions for the most stubborn conditions.  The doctors at Lake View Family Wellness utilize individualized nutrition strategies, pharmaceutical grade supplementation, intravenous (IV) therapy and a host of lifestyle modifying tools to make sure you reach your health goals.  Creating opportunity for your body to overcome disease and surge in health is our number one priority. We hope to encourage and enable you to reach untold heights in your health journey.  We look forward to serving you here at Lake View Family Wellness!

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Our clinic was built, painted, and decorated by our very own staff so we take a lot of pride in what we have accomplished.

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Monday 9:00am-1:00pm-1:30pm-5:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am-1:00pm-1:30pm-5:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am-1:00pm-1:30pm-5:00pm
Thursday 9:00am-1:00pm-1:30pm-5:00pm
Friday 9:00am12:00pm

You may contact the receptionist at 425-219-4325 during clinic hours. The clinic is closed for lunch between 1:00pm and 1:30pm Monday-Thursday. When the clinic is closed, you may leave a message with our answering service.

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6016 NE Bothell Way, Suite G

Kenmore, WA 98028



Lake View Family Wellness is a group of practitioners from all disciplines of medicine who specialize in natural and Integrative medicine for patients of all ages. Naturopathic medicine, also called naturopathy, is a comprehensive and holistic approach to primary medical care which is designed to support the body’s natural healing capacities.

At Lake View Family Wellness we help you make the connection between what you eat and how you feel.


Our model is Integrative because we utilize the best therapies from mulitple medical traditions, along with looking at the body as an integrated whole.

We have treated hundreds of patients for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and testosterone deficiencies.

We apply the latest in science and nutrition to energize the youth of your cells.

These therapies are non-invasive techniques to help reduce pain and inflammation. These therapies can be safely used as an adjunct or replacement for pharmaceutical drugs. Most of the non-invasive therapies we provide are FDA cleared and they enable patients to have an alternative to drugs and surgery.

HealthCoach 7 is a revolutionary opportunity to optimize your health and prevent disease. HealthCoach 7 uses the latest in DNA Technology to provide you with life changing information that will change the way you look at your personal health goals.

Appropriate osseous and/or soft tissue manipulation can be a critical aspect of a health optimization program. Manipulation involves active or passive techniques employed to improve your joint and skeletal structure and function.


Long term weight loss begins with retraining your metabolism. When factors influencing metabolism are addressed, healthy weight loss can be achieved.


We employ intravenous nutritional therapy to enhance the immune response, decrease arterial plaque formation, and overcome chronic and acute medical conditions from cancer to sinusitis and chronic fatigue.




Dr. Rhea Abbott

Naturopathic Doctor

Insurances accepted: Most major insurances! Regence, Premera, Lifewise, Blue Cross Blue Shield, First Choice, Group Health (Through First Choice), United HealthCare ( Through First Choice), Cigna, and Aetna.

Alma Mater: Bastyr University (Class of 2013)

Days at Office: Monday – Thursday

Specialties: Naturopathic Sleep Specialist (trained under Dr. Darley, the leading Naturopathic Sleep Specialist in the US), Family Medicine, Minor Surgery, Pediatrics, Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Therapy, Hydrotherapy (electrical stimulation), Non-Invasive Physical Therapies.

Accepting New Patients: Yes!


Dr. James Pendleton

Naturopathic Doctor

Insurances accepted: All major insurances! Excluding: Regular Group Health, Apple Health, Molina, and Medicare.

Alma Mater: Bastyr University (Class of 2000)

Days at Office: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Specialties: Male Hormone Specialist, Herbal Medicine Specialist, Primary Care, Whole Family Care, Female Hormones, Osteopathic Manipulation, Physical Therapies, IV Therapy, Nutritional Injections, Supplement Review.

Accepting New Patients: Yes!


Dr. Carrie Miller

Naturopathic Doctor

Insurances accepted: All major insurances! Excluding: Regular United HealthCare, Regular Group Health, Apple Health, Molina, and Medicare.

Alma Mater: Bastyr University (Class of 2001)

Days at Office: Monday, Friday

Specialties: Female Health Specialist, Menopause, PMS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Primary Care, Whole Family Care, Pediatrics, IV Therapy, Nutritional Injections, Supplement Review.

Accepting New Patients: Yes!


John Catanzaro

Health Advocate/Genetic Coach

Insurances accepted: None.

Alma Mater: Bastyr University (Class of 1996)

Days at Office: Tuesday, Thursday

Specialties: Functional Genetic Coaching and Health Advocate Services.

WASHAA Health Advocate Services Include:

• Help patients understand their diagnosis and learn more about their condition
• Translate complicated medical information for family members
• Research treatment options
• Coordinate care between various physicians
• Provide regular contact with patient to evaluate condition and advocate for appropriate care with providers
• Help with understanding and managing chronic disease
• Act as liaison between patient and with providers
• Referrals to appropriate resources as needed
• Assist with communications with providers, family members at client’s patient’s direction

Accepting New Clients: Yes!


Dr. Kasia Kines, DCN, MS, CNS, LDN, CN

Doctor of Clinical Nutrition

Functional Clinical Nutritionist

*Dr. Kasia works independently as a Functional Clinical Nutritionist through her own company and collaborates with our team to provide an abundance of knowledge and tools. To schedule with Dr. Kasia, please visit her website contact page!

Insurances accepted: None

Alma Mater: Maryland University of Integrative Health – Doctorate of Clinical Nutrition,  Bastyr University – Masters of Clinical Nutrition (Class of 2005)

Days at Office: By Schedule Only, please schedule directly with Dr. Kasia here!

Specialties: Clinical Nutrition for: Epstein Barr Virus (EBV), Viral Infections, SIBO, GI disorders, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Environmental Toxicity and Detoxification, Autoimmune Disorders, Food Disorders, Inflammation, Chronic Pain, Hormones, Female Health, Senior Health, Cancer Support, and many more Complex Diseases or Disorders.

Accepting New Clients: Yes! To schedule or discuss services with Kasia please visit the contact section of her website. Contact Kasia!


Hypervigilance: The Common Woman’s PTSD

Hypervigilance The Common Woman’s PTSD Chances are good you know someone who calls themselves “a light sleeper”. They awaken at the slightest noise, but also can’t sleep if it’s too quiet. They may have told you that their vacation wasn’t long enough, or that they have a hard time relaxing. They may seem nervous, anxious,…


The Importance of Telling the Truth!

We’ve all done it: lied to our doctor. We said we drank 8 glasses of water a day. We told her we only smoke half a pack a week. We claimed to have taken our medicine every day, exactly as prescribed. Oh yeah, and we definitely did those stretches that she said would help our…


13 Bedroom Rules for Better Sleep!

13 Rules for Better Sleep! By Dr. Rhea Abbott         As a sleep specialist, I’ve noticed we often turn to pills (whether natural or pharmaceutical) as solutions to our sleep troubles, while totally overlooking the basics – the bedroom! Our sleep environment is full of subliminal cues and you can make a…


MTHFR… The Missing Link?

MTHFR…The Missing Link?   Do you or somebody you know suffer with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, reoccurring miscarriages, migraines… possibly cardiovascular issues? These are just some of the health problems associated with an MTHFR mutation. Are you an American who is white, Hispanic or of Asian descent then there’s a higher probability for this genetic mutation.…


The Power of Vitamin C

The Power of Vitamin C   Vitamin C is usually noted as a remedy for the common cold. This water-soluble vitamin is always on active duty and therefore the body needs a constant supply and not just during cold season either! The body does not store vitamin C and any extra is excreted through urine…


Starved for Serotonin?

Starved for Serotonin? The Weight-Loss Series   With 30-40% of men and 50-60% of women dieting and starving their way to skinny, it’s a wonder that two-thirds of Americans are still overweight! How can this be? Doesn’t the simple equation of burn more calories than you consume equal weight-loss? Once again the uniqueness of our…


Oxygen: A Secret Cancer Weapon

Oxygen: A Secret Cancer Weapon   By: Dr. Catanzaro   Have you ever tried holding your breath, maybe under water or through a tunnel, how long did you last? Even hiking or doing some other physically demanding activity in high altitudes where there is less air and therefore less oxygen, quickly proves that oxygen is…


More Than The Air You Breathe!

More Than The Air You Breathe!   By: Dr. Catanzaro   You would think that simply breathing would take care of the body’s need for oxygen, at one time this may have been the case, back when people ate clean, drank pure water and didn’t sit inside buildings at a computer all day!   As was…


Lifesaving Glutatione

Lifesaving Glutathione   You may have never heard of glutathione, nevertheless it is at work in your body, wearing many hats in its role as master antioxidant. Your body may be able to go without food for a few weeks, water maybe for a couple of days, but glutathione only a few moments, yes it…


Insulin Resistance: A Fate Incubator

Insulin Resistance…A Fat Incubator? The Weight-Loss Series   Have you become middle heavy? Expanding at alarming rates? Maybe it’s a manly beer belly that seems to be growing with every passing year with no beer needed! Or that cute little muffin top as a kid that has grown with you over the years and has…


Hypothyroidism: Are YOU A Candidate?

  Hypothyroidism: Are you a candidate?   Moving a little slower lately? Over 50 years old? Feeling forgetful, don’t worry it’s not dementia, but it could be hypothyroidism! Splashed over magazines as the culprit for those unwanted pounds, shaped like a butterfly in your neck, orchestrating your metabolism and every cell, tissue, and organ in…


How Sweet are Artificial Sugars?

How Sweet are Artificial Sugars? Since January is the most popular month for dieting, it seemed appropriate to highlight the sham of sugar-free. Alternatives to sugar seem like a godsend, you can eat how you want with none of the guilt, zero calorie drinks, it’s a dieter’s dream come true!   Most diets (not healthy eating…


Help for Hypothyroidism!

Help for Hypothyroidism!   So you are a match for hypothyroidism, now what? Good news, there is hope and help is on the way! Soon you will be warm, full of energy, and dry skin will be a thing of the past! Just remember it takes time for your body to adjust to medication and…


Doctor Misdiagnosis?

Doctor Misdiagnosis? Bacterial Infection or Cancer? By: Dr. Catanzaro If you have ever felt the painful, burning symptoms of a bladder infection, then you know that it usually is a condition that sends you to the doctor for a prescription of relief. You may think that you have all the symptoms of a bacterial infection…


Bladder Infections: Going, Going, Gone!

Bladder Infections Going, going, GONE!     So you have a bladder infection, your first instinct if you are like most people is to run for the cranberry juice or to your doctor’s office for antibiotics! Burning, painful urination with a constant “urge to go” are not symptoms that you want to endure for very…


5 Tips for Healthy Flying

5 Tips for Healthy Flying   Leaving on a jet plane anytime soon? You may be concerned about safety but have you considered your health? The friendly skies might not be as friendly as you think at least when it comes to your health! Here are some tips to fortify your body against germs and…


Fit for a Lifetime

Fit for a Lifetime   Have you seen the Weight Watcher’s commercial where a woman embraces a sleeveless dress and proudly hails a cab after reaching her goal weight? She is elated that there’s no jiggle when she claps and is thus promoting the Weight Watcher’s path to weight loss. The irony of weight loss…


Nutrigenomics – The Future of Nutrition

Nutrigenomics – The Future of Nutrition     The one-size-fits all approach works great for loungewear, but when it comes to your health and the foods you eat, you need a tailor-made plan. Diets and nutrition plans have commonly treated the masses, but not individuals. Our bodies are unique as demonstrated by our genetic code…


Immune Boosting Support For Kids

Immune Boosting Support for Kids   Back to school not only means new clothes and supplies, but should also include good nutrition. Why not stay one step ahead of the cold and flu season by boosting your child’s immune system? It is possible to prevent the sniffles, sneezes, and stomach aches naturally. Here are some…


Probiotics to Increase Immunity

Probiotics to Increase Immunity By Dr. Ash May You may not have connected a strong immune system with probiotics, but your gut is pivotal to your health. When your gut ecosystem is out of balance, your whole body is affected.   Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that have the job of restoring order to the gut.…


Increase YOUR Fat Burning Power!

Increase your Fat Burning Power     Want to increase your fat burning power? Then you need an enzyme called Activated Protein Kinase or AMPK working favorably in your body. AMPK is one of the key players regulating cellular energy. Metabolism is affected by AMPK and therefore your ability to lose weight, especially stubborn fat!…


Unlocking the Secret to Fat Loss

Unlocking the Secret to Fat Loss     What you don’t know may be keeping you fat! The low-fat, sugar-free foods that appear to be a dieter’s dream may actually just keep you on the hamster wheel of dieting or worse, contribute to fat retention! How could low-fat, sugar-free foods that are supposed to aid…


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: How Tired are YOU?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome How Tired are You?     Do you have the energy you need for daily life? Do you feel like you are falling behind on your daily tasks? Has your body been neglected in favor of other demands on your time? Your body just like your bank account can only handle so…


Is Cancer in Your Childs Future?

Is cancer in your child’s future? By: Dr. Catanzaro If your child has been exposed to ionizing radiation through a CT scan, then yes there could be a greater risk of cancer in your child’s future. It’s no surprise that radiation is not healthy, but recent studies have revealed that it just might be more…


Secrets to Centenarian Status

Secrets to Centenarian Status     Have you ever thought about living to 100? Most people don’t think about their mortality until they realize that they have lived more of their lives than what they have left. Healthy aging is usually a distant, fleeting thought until disease comes knocking on your door or a wrinkle…


Cancer in a Plastic Bottle?

Cancer in a plastic bottle? By: Dr. Catanzaro   With so much talk about the chemical toxin, Bisphenol A or BPA in plastic, potentially causing cancer, we decided to chime in on the conversation. Bisphenol A is usually found in the protective internal epoxy resin coatings of canned foods and in consumer products such as…


Become Lightweight with Leptin!

Become a Lightweight with Leptin! The Weight-Loss Series     How many times have you inhaled your meal as if you were in some eating contest? Everyone else is leisurely enjoying their food and actually tasting it but there you are shoveling it in! Granted when hunger strikes, there’s this insatiable urge to devour insane…


Baby Blues or Postpartum Depression?

Baby Blues or Postpartum Depression?     You just had a baby; you’ve been told that this is supposed to be one of life’s greatest moments, so why do you feel so sad? With so many changes taking place in your life and in your body, in the form of hormones and of course lack…


Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux Acid may come in the form of rain, possibly a trip, but more recently in the form of reflux! It certainly doesn’t sound pretty and it is even uglier to experience. Anyone who has frequent bouts of acid reflux is sure to have a bottle of Tums nearby. For those who have been…


5 things about health and nails

5 Things Your Nails Say About Your Health

5 Things Your Nails Say About Your Health Your outward appearance holds many tell-tale signs of your inner health. The nails are no exception. The true state of your nails many times goes unnoticed with artificial nails or frequent painting of the nails. A closer look at your naked nails can give you a sneak…


Insulin Resistance… A Fat Incubator?

Insulin Resistance…A Fat Incubator? The Weight-Loss Series   Have you become middle heavy? Expanding at alarming rates? Maybe it’s a manly beer belly that seems to be growing with every passing year with no beer needed! Or that cute little muffin top as a kid that has grown with you over the years and has…


Wellness Blog About Rice

Rice 2.0

Rice 2.0   By now you may have substituted your white rice for brown rice, but get ready for rice 2.0 – black rice. Rich in vitamin E and containing more anthocyanin antioxidants than blueberries, it’s no wonder that black rice is the next big thing! The History If you perhaps have been ahead of…


Sleep Wellness Blog

Sleepless In Seattle?

Sleepless in Seattle?   So you’ve counted sheep, drank chamomile tea, and soothing sounds are playing in the background yet nothing, just you and the crickets! Eyes wide awake and your to-do list running through your mind, might as well call it quits for the night and get a head start on the day; another…


Green tea - Wellness Blog

Green Tea… A proven cancer fighter!

Green Tea… A proven cancer fighter!   This may not come as a surprise to you, but green tea is an amazing cancer fighter and worthy of becoming a daily drinking habit. This is not a one hit wonder with one study to prove its effectiveness; no this is a tried and true antioxidant super…




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